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Roundabout  (Series)


For our convenience, Dax and Terry drive from sea to shining sea capturing 360 degrees of streets, towns, fields, rivers, shenanigans, mischief and debauchery.

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Red Lagoon  (Series)

Thriller / Dark Comedy

Inspired by the events of Fyre Festival, a disorganized and ill-equipped island party is overrun by modern pirates who hold the most affluent of kids for ransom.

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Meridian Response  (Feature)

Thriller / Horror

After a string of fateful calls, a defeated suicide hotline specialist hangs up for good. She discovers the world of ASMR to be a far more pleasant space to help people. While she excels in her new online career, one of her disturbed callers emerges as her most obsessed fan, meandering his way into her most personal life.  

Every Last Word  (Feature)

Thriller / Suspense

A businessman yearns to leave his career for the inspired life of a writer. To leave with his precious company shares, he must first attend a wilderness retreat which unfolds to be a fatal trap, pitting coworkers against each other for the prize of a lifetime. Ironically, his salvation and success will hinge on the most innocuous of items.

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Endangered  (Feature)

Action / Thriller

A retired Navy Seal is hired by a wealthy animal rights activist to rid the world of big game trophy hunting, one severed trigger finger at a time. Meanwhile, a ruthless ranch and slaughterhouse tycoon prepares for the biggest hunt of his life. In a world both big and small, they're destined to cross each others barrels.